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The program is written in VB.NET and is designed for a Windows computer only.
Dot Net 3.5 or above is expected to be on the system.

Simply extract the zip to a folder where you have write access.
The program needs to be able to create and delete files within that folder.

Start the program by double clicking LicenseUsage.exe.
When the program first starts it will attempt to connect to YOUR license server.
In the same folder there is a file names Servers.txt that should contain at least one server line.
If the Servers.txt file has been configures properly then it will query the licensing system for features in use.
If the query fails it will prompt you for a valid server port and server name. Example: 28001@servername.
If you believe a license is checked out  unexpectedly you can try to return the license by right mouse clicking
on the feature and clicking Check In License.

The log tab provides a raw view of the results of the query made by lmutil.exe.
View this for issues related to server name configuration or firewall issues.
Try using the version of lmutil.exe that delivers with your license server instead of the one provided here.

Tracking usage over time:
The program will write to a comma separated value file in a format that can be placed inside an Excel file.
A sample Excel file is provided for reference.
The interval that data is appended to the csv file is adjustable with the refresh value.

License Swapping:
License Swapping allows you to have a set of customized license files that you would like to select as needed.
The license frame will be displayed only if the Licenses.txt text is properly configured to provide customized license swapping.
Read and configure the Licenses.txt file to enable this functionality.

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